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 +====== CTX Objects and Lifetime ======
 +A CTX tag returns the value of an object property only if that object is
 +already loaded. If the object does not exists or is not loaded the
 +returned value will be empty string.
 +The **Quote object** is loaded in the edit action. It exists on the
 +quote, quote property, customers, and all other cart tab pages. The Quote
 +object is also present in the Configurator, with the exception that it
 +does not exist if the user clicked new quote and is configuring the first
 +item. The Quote object exists in the catalogue but only if add item was
 +The **Quote.CurrentItem** object refers to the cart item being iterated
 +in the loops. If used outside of the loop it will use the first cart
 +item. It can be used in discount rules and CRM mappings. It can be used
 +only if the Quote object is loaded.
 +The **SFDC object** exists if SFDC integration is enabled and the user
 +came through SFDC backdoor from an opportunity.
 +The **SOD object** exists if SOD integration is enabled and current quote
 +is attached to an opportunity.
 +The **Visitor object** is created after the user logs in. It is present
 +the whole all time while user session is valid.
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