Bulletin Board Basics

In the administration section, an administrator can manage forums (create, delete, edit forum), manage news, polls and questions. An administrator can also select which forum types are displayed to the end user. To enter Bulletin Board administration, click the Bulletin Board link. There are three submenu items: Forums, News and Polls. These sections allow user to Create, Edit, Delete forum data, and manage topics inside them, according to the forum type. Each of these sections looks and acts in the same way, so we will explain how Forum administration functions. When user click Forums the following page will be displayed:


Figure A - Forums

User can activate or deactivate forums by clicking on or respectively. Clicking will display topics the selected forum contains. User can also filter the list of available forums, by entering filter criteria in the fields at the header row. Clicking on will redirect user to the Edit forum page, where it is possible to change the forum title, description and other details. At the bottom of the page are two buttons: Add forum and Reload. Reload simply reloads the grid content.

Add Forum

When user click Add Forum, the following page is displayed:


Figure B - Add Forum

It allows user to select the forum type (Discussion or Questions), enter a forum title, a short description (optional), and set if the forum is active. If Active? Is not selected, the forum will not be available to users. Clicking save creates the forum and returns you to forum administration. Edit forum works in the same way, except all fields are pre-populated.


This page lists all polls. It is allowed to add, edit or delete a poll.


Figure C - Polls Forum

Add Poll

When user click the Add forum button, the following page is displayed:


Figure D - Add Poll

User can enter the poll Title and Question. To add a vote option, fill the Add vote option field and click Add. Added options are listed in the Vote options list. When all vote options are added, click Save and the poll is created. If there are less than 2 poll options, an error message will displayed:

Editing poll works the same way.

Application Parameters

In Application Parameters section under General section, there are two application parameters that are related to Bulletin board. The first is Use Bulletin board, which determines if the Bulletin board will be available to end users. The second parameter is Display forum types, where the administrator can restrict access to certain forum types. If an administrator wants to restrict access to certain forum types, he can do this by deselecting forum types from the Display forum types list.


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