CPQC Integration

The integration between CPQ and CLM allows sales representatives to generate contracts in CPQ and send them to CLM for negotiation and redlining. The CPQC integration is developed to ensure effective communication between sales representatives (CPQ) and legal teams (CLM).

CLM is a quick, user-friendly solution that automates contract management from inception to completion. CLM offers many robust features to increase collaboration and accelerate deal cycles. For more details on CLM, visit their Help pages.

The communication between CPQ and CLM is bidirectional. After sales representatives generate a contract with quote items and send it to CLM, legal teams can review and redline the contract. They leave comments on the contract in case changes are needed and send the comments to CPQ. On their side, sales representatives can either update the contract according to comments, or respond to comments and in that way prolong the final agreement. While the negotiation is ongoing and changes are being made to quote items, users on both sides will work only on one contract - the one that was first generated.

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