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 +====== Provider Settings ======
 +The main adjustments for enabling the integration in CPQ are managed in the **Providers** section.\\
 +**Prerequisite**: to have an [[adminhelp:cpqc_integration:setup_prerequisites|integration user]] created in CLM. 
 +  - Go to **Setup** > **Providers** > **Providers**. \\ A page with available providers displays.
 +  - Click the CLM card. \\ A page with two tabs displays. \\ **Provider Settings** is open by default.
 +  - Fill out the fields with data you received upon CLM tenant creation.
 +       * **Use CLM Integration** - set to **TRUE** to enable the integration.
 +       * **CLM Integration URL** - URL of the CLM environment where your tenant was created.
 +       * **CLM integration username** - email of the CLM integration user. The integration authorization will be based on this value.
 +       * **CLM integration password** - password of the CLM integration user.
 +  - Click **Save**. \\ The CPQC integration is now enabled.
 +====== Template Mappings ======
 +  * to have a [[https://docs.calliduscloud.com/articles/#!contract-lifecycle-management-publication/add-contract-type|contract type created in CLM]].
 +  * to have an [[http://help.webcomcpq.com/doku.php?id=adminhelp:quotesadministration:documentgenerationtemplates:documentgenerationtemplates|active document generation template created in CPQ]].
 +  * to have these two tags in the CPQ template: **$QUOTE_LINE_ITEMS** and **$OPTIONAL_QUOTE_LINE_ITEMS**. The tags retrieve line and optional quote items that are displayed in the contract. Alternatively, you can add the tags directly in the contract in CLM. You should insert the tags only once per document for the system to process them properly. These are not the standard CPQ tags for retrieving quote items in the document.
 +  - On the **CLM provider settings** page, click **Template Mappings**. \\ The page lets you map a CPQ template to a CLM contract type (e.g. //Master Service Agreement (MSA)//).
 +  - Click **Add New**. \\ Enter the name and the description of the mapping.
 +  - Click {{:adminhelp:cpqc_integration:setup_prerequisites:cpq_183_template_search_icon.png?10}} next to the dedicated fields to search for a document template and a contract type, respectively.
 +  - Click **Save**. \\ The CPQ template is mapped to the CLM contract. \\ New tabs display to map quote item columns and statuses for the respective template.
 +====== Field Mapping ======
 +The **Field Mappings CPQ to CLM** and **Field Mappings CLM to CPQ** tabs are available only when you are within a template/contract mapping.
 +In the **Field Mappings CPQ to CLM** tab, map CPQ fields to CLM fields (the value of a CPQ field displays in the mapped CLM field in the contract). CPQ fields are grouped under entities (**Quote**, **Visitor**, etc.). When adding a new field, you first need to select a CPQ entity and then a related field. Both standard and custom quote fields are available. In **CLM Field**, first select one of the CLM objects (**Contract**, **Customer** and **Contact**) and then one of the related standard or custom fields.
 +<note>In the list of CPQ entities, choose **Tag (Dynamic Formula)** if you wish to  dynamically retrieve data from the system. Create a formula in the standard CPQ formula builder.</note>
 +Although you can map any fields you wish the legal team and customers to see in the contract, some fields are required on the CLM side: **name** (Customer), **email** (Contact), **contactFirstName** (Contact) and **contactLastName** (Contact). These fields can be mapped to any fields in CPQ (e.g. **Bill to Customer**).
 +In **Field Mappings CLM to CPQ**, choose a CLM object and a field that will be mapped to a CPQ field. The values of CLM fields can be mapped only to quote custom fields in CPQ.
 +====== Quote Item Column Mappings ======
 +The tags in the document retrieve values from quote item columns selected in the **Quote Item Column Mappings** tab. Move the columns from available to selected and vice versa by clicking on them.
 +The following columns are selected by default and you cannot remove them from the list: **Description**, **CartItem** and **RolledUpCartItem**.
 +Some product columns are not available in the list and cannot to be sent from CPQ to CLM:
 +  * **Upfront Percent**  
 +  * **Upfront Amount**
 +  * **Overall Discount Percent**
 +  * **Overall Discount Amount**
 +  * **Total Shipping Cost**
 +  * **Item Delivery Method**
 +  * **Item Delivery Status**
 +  * **Monthly Fee Amount**
 +  * **Sub Total Amount**
 +  * **Total Weight**
 +  * **MPN**
 +  * **Family Code**
 +  * **Lead Time**
 +  * **Inventory**
 +  * **ProductVersion**
 +  * **UPC**
 +  * **MarginHealth**
 +  * **TotalShippingCost**
 +  * **TotalMonthlyFeeAmount**
 +  * **TotalUpfrontAmount**
 +  * **TotalChannelMarkupAmount**
 +  * **TotalChannelMarkupPercent**
 +  * **TotalChannelGrossMarginPercent**
 +====== Status Mappings ======
 +In **Status Mappings**, administrators define the lifecycle of a quote and the contract in the two systems. In this tab, you define how statuses will change from CPQ to CLM and vice versa after an action is executed. It is possible to map a status in one application to a status in the other application. The statuses will change when the **Change status in CLM** and **Change status from CLM** actions get executed. 
 +When the agreement on quote items is reached, CPQ users will change the status of the quote to a status that indicates that the negotiation is completed. Additionally, CPQ users need to execute the **Change Status in CLM** action so that the status of the contract in CLM would change accordingly.
 +CLM Side
 +To configure provider settings in CLM, find detailed instructions on their [[https://docs.calliduscloud.com/articles/#!contract-lifecycle-management-publication/configure-provider-settings-in-clm|help pages]].
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