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 +====== Customer Actions ======
 +The Customer Actions administrative section allows user to define which actions will be available for each customer role on the Customer Info tab.  Permissions for actions can be given based on user group and order status. \\ 
 +{{ Wiki::customeractionsb1.png }}  
 +;#;//Figure A - Customer Info Tab//;#;
 +Customer Action in admin section is available by clicking the link under the **Customers/Customer Role** admin menu.  This displays a matrix of user groups and order statuses for each customer role.  User can switch the customer role that is being defined by clicking the tabs at the top of the screen.  User can easily copy action settings from another customer role by choose that customer role from the drop down in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 
 +{{ customersadministration:customeraction.jpg }}  
 +;#;//Figure B - Customer Actions//;#; \\ 
 +To set actions to a cell click the cell to display a pop-up where the action(s) can be selected.  There are six different types of cells in the matrix that can be defined: 
 +  * **All User Groups and Statuses** - Sets the same option for all the cells in the matrix.  Click the upper left corner of the matrix to define. 
 +  * **All Statuses for One User Group** - User can set all the statuses for one user group by clicking the user group’s name on the left side of the matrix. 
 +  * **All User Groups for One Order Status** - User can set all the user groups for one order status by clicking the status on the top of the matrix. 
 +  * **Individual Cell Intersection** - User can set a cell intersection between a status and a user group.  For instance the Sales Rep group should only be able to Lookup customers from the CRM when in the Order Placed status. 
 +  * **Default (For New User Groups)** - Set which customer action(s) will be available to the users added to new user groups that haven’t been set in this matrix yet. 
 +  * **Default (For New Order Status)** - Set which customer action(s) will be available in new statuses that haven’t been set in this matrix yet. 
 +The default cells make administration easier so that when user creates a new user group or status he doesn't need to go through and define all the customer actions again.\\ 
 +<note>Selecting an option for a cell that includes all statuses or all user groups might take a little bit of time to set depending on the number of statuses and user groups created in the system.  Large number of groups or statuses means there are a lot of cells to set, so there might be a slight delay in setting them all. When finished defining the customer actions for the current customer role, click **Save** at the bottom of the page.</note> 
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