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 +====== Customer Role Defaults  ======
 +The **Customer Role Default** administrative section allows users to define whether or not customer role fields are filled with user’s information or a user’s company information.  Pre-populating customer role fields with data can be helpful in many instances.  For example, channel reps often user themselves in the Bill To customer role and the customer’s name in the Ship To or End User customer role. Defining customer role default rules ensures that their information is pre-populated in a customer role each time they create a new quote.  These rules are defined based on the user group and the customer role.  This allows controlling which users will and will not have customer roles pre-populated. \\ 
 +To access the Customer Role Defaults admin section, click the link under the **Customers/Customer Roles** admin menu.  This displays a list of existing customer role default rules that can be copied, edited, or deleted.\\ 
 +{{ customersadministration:customerroledefault.jpg }}  
 +;#;//Figure A - Customer Role Defaults// ;#;
 + \\ 
 +Click **Add New** to create a new customer role default rule.  This displays the definition screen shown in Figure B. \\ 
 +{{ customersadministration:addnewcustrole.jpg }}  \\ 
 + ;#;//Figure B - Customer Role Add// ;#;
 + \\ 
 +  * **User Group Name** | Defines the user group this rule applies to.  Each time a user in this user group creates a quote, the selected customer role will be pre-populated with data. \\ 
 +  * **Customer Role**** **| Select the customer role that will be pre-populated with data for the selected user group. \\ 
 +  * **Default (Pre-populate) with User Info** | Determines that the user’s data will pre-populate the selected customer role fields. \\ 
 +  * **Default (Pre-populate) with User’s Company Info** | Determines that the user’s company info will pre-populate the selected customer role fields.  
 +<note>User's Company Info requires that the company associated with the user has the "Create Customer Record" option selected.  This creates a global customer and allows the information to be used for customer roles. See [[adminhelp:usersadministration:companies|Companies]] for more details.</note> 
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