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 +====== Manage Generated Documents ======
 +Generated documents are by default kept on the server.  Over time, they can use up a lot of space.  Manage generated documents allows the administrator to view a list of documents by all users and delete selected documents. Users can also list documents they have generated and delete them. \\ 
 +Manage Generated Documents is available under **Setup » General » Manage Generated Documents **for users with administrative privileges or under **User Page » Manage Generated Documents** for users. List of documents can be filtered by **User**, **Filename**, **Size **and **Date Created**. \\ 
 +  * To delete an individual document - Click the delete button on the left side (next to user’s name). 
 +  * To delete multiple documents-  Check the box in the delete column and click **Delete Selected**.  Click **Select All** to select all documents visible on the page. 
 +  * To delete all documents - Click **Delete All** will start a background process to delete all documents. 
 +Since there can be a large number of generated documents, deleting all of them can take a time. To prevent slow down of the application, files are deleted in the background and control is given back to the user immediately.  User can come back to Manage Generated Documents page later to confirm that documents have been deleted. \\ 
 +When documents are generated, and if they have used any additional files (such as inserted files), additional files are left on the server. **Clean Up** will start a background process to remove all additional files that are not needed. **Clean Up** is only available for users with administrative privileges. \\ 
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