Litmos integration

Example below will show how to support SSO with Litmos using IronPython script. There are two steps in supporting integration:

1. Administrator needs to change Responder xslt. It can be found under UI Design> Product Configuration Templates. Responder xslt should be downloaded and following code should be added

<script type=“text/javascript”>

loginToLitmos = function (){

var ssoLoginUrl = Webcom.Configurator.Config.Manager.ExecuteCustomScript("GetLitmosUrl");, "_blank");

} </script> <a href=”#” onclick=“loginToLitmos(); return false;”>Login to Litmos</a>

2. Administrator needs to add new IronPython script. Script should be added on Scripts page under Setup>Develop>Scripts.

Following IronPython code should be added to the script.

ws = WebServiceHelper.Load(“Rest”, “ ”)

response = ws.GetXml()

Result = response.GetElementsByTagName(“LoginKey”)[0].InnerText

Link to the Litmos SSO help is following:

You are here: SAP CPQ Online HelpAdmin Page HelpLitmos integration