Delegation of Authority for Simple Products

Local admin can manage Local simple products. To be able to manage local products, Super admin have to delegate managing of simple products to Local admin in Setup menu – Delegation of authority for simple products (found under Setup → Product Catalog).

Figure A: Delegation of authority

When Super admin clicks on ‘Add New’ (or ‘Edit’) button, page will be displayed where admin can define:

  • One permission group that will be able to manage simple products locally (Admin can find permission group by Ajax search or by clicking on ‘Search’ icon)
  • Can add products to Categories
  • Can Manage products visible to permission groups

Figure B: Delegation of authority, add new

Column Permission group is added to grid in Product list page in Setup under Setup>Product Catalog>Products. This way super admin is able to search products visible to certain permission groups and he can easily see the list of local products uploaded by local admin. On User page, after delegation of authority for simple products, Local admin will see new link Manage Simple Products. On Manage Simple Products page product list is displayed based on delegation of authority for simple products. ONLY products visible to specified permission groups are displayed to Local admin.

Figure C: Manage simple products

On Manage Simple Products page, Local admin can:

  • Add New product (Local admin is not able to add attributes to simple product)
  • Import Products via xls import
  • Export products
  • Edit product
  • Copy product
  • Delete product
  • Translate product (He can translate only Product Info tab)
  • Add new product Version

When local admin adds/imports new simple products, he is able to set visibility only to permission groups which products he is able to manage. Only permission groups that are set by super admin, are listed in PSWProduct Setup Wizard. Also if he put more permission groups in xls file, CPQ will set visibility only to permission groups that are set by super admin.

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