Bulk Product Import/Export

Bulk Import/Export feature gives administrators more flexibility in defining product export filters, while improving error handling, process stability and saving administrators’ time. Large product data files won’t be interrupted by an error and large files no longer need to be split into several smaller files. This feature is not a replacement for the existing Import/Export functionality, both methods will be available in CPQ setup.

The Bulk Import/Export process starts by exporting products. Since the number of products can be very large, this process had been designed as an asynchronous background process. This means that the administrator is free to leave the page once the export process is initiated and continue with their administrative activities on other pages, or leave CPQ completely. Upon completion of the process, the administrator will be notified via email, and provided with a link to the exported template.

This feature is accessed from Setup > Import/Export > Bulk Import/Export.

The Import/Export status screen is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Bulk Import/Export status screen

The status screen displays a list of previously started Import and Export processes showing progress and additional information about each one.

The Export Products section provides administrators with the options to export a blank template, export all products, or to define multiple filters before exporting products. The first two options are straightforward. The third option - Filter and Export opens the filtering screen. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Initial filtering screen is displayed

The first tab – “Filter Export by” is used to define filter criteria for the common product properties, e.g. Product Name, Part Number, Category and more. If an export involves multiple part numbers, you should enter them one per line. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3 - Filter by product names and part numbers

If you want to constraint a number of columns, or define a list of attributes that you want to export, you can do this under Columns and Attributes to export tab. (See Figure 4)

Figure 4 - Filter columns and attributes

Clicking “Apply Filter and Export” starts the background export process. You can leave the page (or CPQ) and come back later to check the download status and download the exported document.

After making the desired changes, you can upload the template document to CPQ (See Figure 5). When importing, you must provide the “product identifier” column so that CPQ can know whether to insert or update the existing products. Available product identifiers are the same as for regular product export/import.

Figure 5 - Import products

Import of product data also works as a background process. If any error occurs, they will be logged into the same file uploaded for import. The column that holds the information about the row is named “status”. You can download the file at the end of the process, make corrections according to any reported errors and upload the file again.

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