Product Validation Messages

Product validation messages are similar to product rules, but instead to execute some action during configuration change, if condition is satisfied, they show up a message. They are executed after the configuration change (i.e. user selects attribute value in configurator).

To define a validation message you should enter: * validation name * condition when message should be shown * message that will be shown in configurator

Inactive, or expired (current date is outside of the specified start and end dates) validation messages will be ignored.

If “Make product incomplete” is checked, and if condition evaluates to 1 (true), and message is shown, though all required product attributes are selected product still will be incomplete.

If “Make product incomplete” is not checked, and “Show in responder” is not checked, although condition evaluates to true (1) message will not be shown but could be checked with CTX tag Product.Validation(validation name).

CTX tag Product.Validation(validation name) should only be used in attribute labels, to show message in addition to responder. If used in product rules it will return unexpected results depending on the rule order and concrete configuration, since all rules have not been executed and configuration has not been stabilized.

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