Old Quote vs. Quote 2.0

Other than the user interface improvements made to the Load Existing Project/Quotation page, no other changes in terms of design have been made to Quote 2.0. On the user side, performance and speed improvements are noticeable. On the setup side, some standard quote functionalities are not developed and included in the new engine.

Storing Data

All prices are now stored in the system in the quote currency, not default currency. Consequently, no calculations are performed when viewing quotes and performance is improved. If writing a report for multiple quotes in different markets, currency conversion should then be handled in the report.

Quote Visibility

In Quote 2.0, administrators can no longer create visibility formulas to limit users' access to quotes.

Cart Fields Administration

A new section in Setup is created for calculations. Multiple pages that were previously dispersed throughout Setup are now grouped under one section to support the common user journey. Quote 2.0 calculations are explained in this section.

Product Support

Quote 2.0 supports simple, configurable and parent/child products. If users try to add a product belonging to a non-supported category to quotes, a corresponding informational message will display.


Scripting is currently not supported in Quote 2.0.

CTX Tags

The CTX tags that are supported for Quote 2.0 are listed in CTX Tags for Quote 2.0.

CTX Quote.CurrentItem

For products other than Parent/Child System(List) of Configurable Products, the behavior of the CurrentItem CTX tag is the same in the standard quote and Quote 2.0:

  • When editing an existing item, CurrentItem pulls the item that is being edited in the configurator.
  • When adding a new item to an empty quote, the CurrentItem tag will not pull any product.
  • When adding a new item to an existing quote with at least one item, CurrentItem will retrieve the first item in the quote.


Methods supporting functionalities that are not developed for Quote 2.0 are not supported by quote REST API. Additionally, SOAP API for quote creation is deprecated in the new quote engine.

Quote Item Actions

The list contains actions available on quotes created in the new engine depending on the item type.

  • Main item
    • move up
    • move down
    • edit (except for simple product)
    • view (except for simple product)
    • refresh (except for simple product)
    • delete
    • copy (only root)
    • upgrade version
    • item comment
    • add favorite
    • view favorite
  • Line item
    • move up
    • move down
    • item comment
    • view favorite


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