Automatic Deletion of Data

Due to data being permanently deleted, we recommend that only data protection officers, in cooperation with administrators, use this feature to define a data retention policy.

The feature enables you to set a data retention policy and/or manage your account’s storage space by defining a period of time after which the system automatically and permanently deletes the following data:

This feature is accessed in Setup > Security > Data Deletion. The above-mentioned data is organized into the following tabs: General Deletion and Audit Trail Deletion.
Apart from deleting data on the aforementioned tabs, you can also prevent data from being deleted.

The feature is available in both responsive and old design. However, when deleting or blocking data using the old design, UI text such as messages and blocked status of users, quotes and customers is not visible.

If your attempt to delete data with the Data Deletion feature is unsuccessful, please contact the SAP CPQ Support Team and request deletion of the necessary SAP CPQ entities.

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