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 +====== Conditional Reconfigure Action ======
 +Action "Conditional Reconfigure" is similar to the action Reconfigure. It will apply newest product model to the items in the quote. It differs from the Reconfigure action by the fact it does not reconfigure quote items always, but only if the product version has been changed in the meanwhile, thus saving the time needed for the operation. This means that Conditional Reconfigure action is faster if product version has not been changed. 
 +Product version can be set in the Product Setup Wizard for each product. If Product Version is empty quote items will always be reconfigured. If it's not empty it is compared to the one saved in the quote item to determine if Conditional Reconfigure should reconfigure that item or not.
 +New flag is added to the workflow (next to ‘Automatic Reconfigure’) called ‘Conditional Reconfigure’. This is available in the workflow for all actions where ‘Automatic Reconfigure’ is available. When this flag is set and action is executed in the workflow, same logic will be applied as in action ‘Conditional Reconfigure’ – iterate through all quote items , compare product versions and reconfigure item and save current product version if product versions are different.
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