API for Content Upload

The API for content upload enables a streamlined management of images and content files mainly for content providers that do not have the login rights for CPQ.


In a company that uses CPQ, a designer is in charge of providing images and content files for administrators. As sales is not part of his day-to-day activities, the designer does not have the login rights for CPQ.
Previously, the designer would have to prepare the material and send it to the administrator who could upload it to CPQ. The new API allows the designer to upload the content to a central repository on the server. After the system detects the changes, the content is pushed via the API to CPQ.

The API is tenant specific and is off by default for the existing and new CPQ tenants. To turn on/off the API, use the application parameter Enable API For Content Upload in Setup > General > Application Parameters > General Parameters.

Supported Content Types and Formats

When uploading/updating/deleting content, you should define the content type so that the system could locate it in the appropriate folder in the repository. The API can manage the following content types:

  • product images
  • category images
  • attribute images
  • quote action images
  • custom images
  • content files

The content files managed via the API are uploaded to the root content directory in CPQ.

The format of the content must comply with the formats supported by the API:

  • Content files - the formats stated in Manage Content Documents in CPQ.

  • Images - JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, JFIF and TIFF.

The application parameter Allowed Image Extensions defines the image formats that CPQ supports. Make sure that the format of the images you manage via the API matches the format defined in the parameter.


Only CPQ administrators have the permissions for authenticating and enabling the API for content upload. For ensuring that the content is managed securely:

  • Data is sent between the browser and the repository via a secured HTTPS protocol.
  • Users can be authenticated via Basic authentication, JWT Bearer Tokens and the OAuth protocol.
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