Place Order Web Method

Function name: PlaceOrder
Function description: PlaceOrder function creates a quote, billing info, shipping info, end user info, quote properties, calculates shipping method and executes CPQ place order action. Place order has the same effect as a call to NewQuote to create a new quote and a call to PerformCartAction to execute Place Order action. It has the same prototype (input and output) as NewQuote method. Refer to NewQuote method for more details.

  • API parameters username/password identifies the API user
  • Owner API parameter defines username of the owner of a newly created quote
  • Based on ItemPrice XML node system will calculate discounts and check for discounting rules on main items only - not for line items
  • If the discount is overridden and user may override the discount then the quote will be created but 'place order' action will not be executed
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