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Deploy / Send Changes: 126 Hits
* **Received From** Section- Admin can see what change type is received. On the Received From section, icon for deploy will be displayed if change is not deployed yet. Otherwise, view change icon will be... o displaying for deployed changes. * **Send New Change**- Admin can choose Change Type. Product is selec... ronment. * **Sent to**- Here admin can see what change type is sent. \\ \\ {{ adminhelp:generalsettings:
Change Set: 76 Hits
====== Change Set ====== Change Set is a feature which increases traceability of changes (in **Setup** or... riate recording of changes occurs in the relevant change management procedures. A change set encompasses a... changes that are performed in a single set. Each change in SAP CPQ is logged in **Audit Trail** as a part of a change set.\\ <note> Change sets can only be created in development and testing SAP CPQ envir
Audit Trail Logs: 76 Hits
\\ A pop-up window appears with search fields: **Change Set ID, User, From** and **To**. - Enter the s... s are displayed in the following columns: * **Change Set ID** – the ID of the [[adminhelp:audit_trail:change_set|change set]] that was active when the change was performed. All changes are grouped under the currently active change set. * **Change ID** – the ID of the specific change inside the chan
Admin Action Audit Trail: 49 Hits
at a client's request. John was not aware of the change and he does not know who made the change. To get ... listed the name of the administrator who made the change, the time when the change was made, the section, action and field on which the change was performed, as well as the previous and the new value. ----... the name of the section in **Setup** in which the change was made (for example, **Approval rules**). * *
Application Parameters: 17 Hits
te with **Workflow**. * **Users who are able to change Effective date when selecting products are**: determines which Users are able to change the start and end dates when selecting products. * **Use r... tion:users]] for more information. * **User Can Change Global Customers’ Data**: determines whether User... data. When set to **NO**, only administrators can change the data. * **When determining permission group
Pass Attribute Values From Parent To Child Configuration: 10 Hits
second column of table (‘**//Propagate Attribute Change From Parent Product//**’) there will be checkboxe... ed in products configuration. You will be able to change attribute values in product configurator.\\ Next,... up if you check up flag (‘**//Propagate Attribute Change From Parent Product//**’ - Figure 4) for some attributes, you will not be able to change that attributes pre selection when adding new row of contain
Product Audit Trail: 9 Hits
as fields, attributes and rules. CPQ refers to a change as an Action that a user can execute. In other wo... dit trail allows you to see who and when made the change so that you can learn more about the context behi... fers to a good or service that was the subject of change. It could be a pneumatic drill, crane or a vehic... o an attribute of the product that was subject to change. It could be a type of a pneumatic drill, a color
Item Quantity and Attribute Line Item Quantity: 9 Hits
on this attribute, the price of the product will change accordingly to $12. - You can expose the attrib... pick the quantity when configuring an item. Each change of quantity will then be reflected locally in th... * **Execute rules on attribute value’s quantity change** – the system triggers rules after changing the ... dited attribute in the quote. **Example**: If you change the quantity of the line items in this order (Wir
User Action Audit Trail: 9 Hits
Attribute**: a characteristic that was subject to change.\\ * **Action**: any change carried out by a u... ous Value**: a value that was in place before the change.\\ * **New Value**: a new value that has replac... s value.\\ * **Page**: a web location where the change has taken place.\\ ===== User Actions ===== SA... code. * Quote action execution * Quote status change * Quote market change * Freight change (Only
Triggers: 7 Hits
n 12 in the Length attribute, but then decides to change Unit of Measure to Centimeters, then we would wan... e the action that will occur under each event - **Change**, **Select** and **Reset**. {{:adminhelp:produc... s.jpg?550}} The three Trigger types are: - **Change Trigger** – activates when the user changes the p... eset trigger would be run after Unit of Measure’s Change or Select <note>Change Trigger is not activated b
Provider Settings: 7 Hits
ystems. In this tab, you define how statuses will change from CPQ to CLM and vice versa after an action is... tatus in the other application. The statuses will change when the **Change status in CLM** and **Change st... reement on quote items is reached, CPQ users will change the status of the quote to a status that indicate... ed. Additionally, CPQ users need to execute the **Change Status in CLM** action so that the status of the
Time Zones: 6 Hits
r separately. You can decide whether the user can change time zone on its own or not. //(See Figure 2)// \... r this purpose: //timezone// and //Allow timezone change//. //(See Figure 3)// \\ {{ :adminhelp:generalse... imezones sheet//;#; \\ Users that are allowed to change their time zone can change it by selecting the de... user page//;#; \\ Users that are not allowed to change their time zone by the administrator will have th
User Page: 6 Hits
dress, ID Code, Address, etc. Users are unable to change critical settings such as their user type (group)... they do not need to modify a user for an address change or phone number change. \\ {{ usersideinformat... ails // ;#; \\ **Modify Password | ** Users can change their password by clicking the Modify Password link. In order to change their password, the user needs to enter their current password then type the
CPQ and DocuSign Integration: 5 Hits
Setup : * **Generate Document E-Sign ** * **Change E-Sign Status** * **DocuSign Accepted** * **D... t For E-Sign"**. Note that this action should not change the quote status. In order to make this action vi... {{:usersideinformation:3.png?500}}\\ \\ ==== The Change E-Sign Status action ==== \\ This action is autom... Generate Document For E- Sign** itself should not change the quote status. After the quote is sent to Docu
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