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;&lt;*CATCODE(Monitor) *&gt;</PARTNUM> <DESCRIPTION> &lt;table style="width:100%;font-siz... lt;/tr&gt; &lt;/table&gt; </DESCRIPTION> <PRICE>0.0000</PRICE> <COST ... ;&lt;*CATCODE(Monitor) *&gt;</PARTNUM> <DESCRIPTION> &lt;table style="width:100%;font-siz... lt;/tr&gt; &lt;/table&gt; </DESCRIPTION> <PRICE>0.0000</PRICE> <COST
Deploy / Send Changes: 21 Hits
and see details of the change: * **Name** * **Description** * **Sent From** * **Data Received** * **P... : * Name (admin define name for the change) * Description * Send to * Select Permission groups (this fi... the table are: * Name - Name of the change * Description - Description of the change * Sent to - Contai... me for the change) - This field is required * **Description** (admin defines description for the change) *
Input XML Examples: 19 Hits
tNumber> <ProductType>Cardio</ProductType> <Description> <USEnglish>Test Description</USEnglish> </Description> <ProductName> <USEnglish><![CDATA[HighPressureHose]]></USEnglish> </Produc... ine Item and Required//, and contains //Line Item Description//, //Rank within cart, Label, Hint,// and checkbo... umber> <ProductType>Vehicles</ProductType> <Description> <USEnglish>Test Description PC</USEnglish>
Custom Table Administration - Output Parameters: 12 Hits
Output Parameters ====== ^**Tag**^**Data Type**^**Description**^**Required**^**Comments**^ |Result|XML|This fun... efinition ===== ^**Element Name**^**Data Type**^**Description**^**Required**^**Comments**^ |Result| | |Y| | ... bout it.| |ErrorCode|String(50)|Error code|Y| | |Description|String(500)|Error description message|Y| | ===... <ErrorCode>xxxxxxx</ErrorCode> <Description> Column names containing blank spaces </Descripti
Quick Product Search in the Quote: 12 Hits
ing any part of it’s part number, product name or description. When user enters search criteria, CPQ will look... search criteria anywhere in the part number/name/description, or on the beginning of the word(depends on how a... ame message will be displayed if appropriate name/description is not found.\\ {{ :usersideinformation:shopping... hen user starts typing either part number of name/description (CPQ will look for matching part numbers/names/de
Result XML Examples - Request for Quotation: 11 Hits
reated</Message> <Error> <ErrorCode>101001</Description> <Description>Invalid part number</Description> <NodeName>CatalogueCode</NodeName> <Value>A4541V</Value> <Sequence>1</Sequence> </E... <Error> <ErrorCode>101002</ErrorCode> <Description>Required field Shipping method is missing</Description> <NodeName>ShippingMethod</NodeName> </Error> </Result> </code> Example of invalid custo
Result XML Examples: 11 Hits
reated</Message> <Error> <ErrorCode>101001</Description> <Description>Invalid part number</Description> <NodeName>CatalogueCode</NodeName> <Value>A4541V</Value> <Sequence>1</Sequence> </E... <Error> <ErrorCode>101002</ErrorCode> <Description>Required field Shipping method is missing</Description> <NodeName>ShippingMethod</NodeName> </Error> </Result> </code> Example for the invalid
Application Parameters: 10 Hits
* **Show Reverse Search**: controls whether the Description/Part Number search functionality is displayed. Wh... If a formula is used in product price or product description, it is not parsed. Provided that no base price is... with product code "Warr-1-yrs-extended" has its description defined this way: <code>Discount factor: <* TABLE... lf is parsed.\\ \\ In the example, both product description and price are parsed, but product code is not ret
CTX Tags for Quote 2.0: 10 Hits
roductNameInDefaultLanguage * Quote.CurrentItem.Description * Quote.CurrentItem.DescriptionLong * Quote.C... ltLanguage * Quote.CurrentItem.MasterParentItem.Description * Quote.CurrentItem.MasterParentItem.Descriptio... eInDefaultLanguage * Quote.CurrentItem.MainItem.Description * Quote.CurrentItem.MainItem.DescriptionLong ... e * Quote.CurrentItem.MainItem.MasterParentItem.Description * Quote.CurrentItem.MainItem.MasterParentItem.D
Product Import: 9 Hits
s the table that shows all available columns with description and restrictions for each one of them. ^**Column... No|No|String. Maximum length : 100 characters| | |Description|Description of the product displayed in product c... is 1 if flag is not defined)|No|1 or 0| | |Quote Description|Description that will show up for product in the ... / shopping cart. If this field is empty, product description will be displayed in the quote.|No|Yes|String. Ma
Product Attributes: 9 Hits
as Checkbox cannot use the attribute’s line item description in the cart. This is because the system cannot distinguish which item it should display the description for in the cart when multiple items are selected. Because of this you must use the Description Builder for each attribute value. This will ensure that the correct description is displayed in the cart for that attribute.</note> \\ **Ref Product *
Quote Troubleshooting: 8 Hits
ag does not return any value. \\ * **Quote item description doesn't have the expected value. What should be d... nition page should be reviewed. Namely, **Product Description** under the **Product Data** section, **Long Product Description** under the **Additional Product Data** section and **Dynamic Description** under th... dard fields that are used to populate the product description field and may contain dynamic formulas that shoul
Customer Administration - Output Parameters: 8 Hits
Output Parameters ====== ^**Tag**^**Data Type**^**Description**^**Required**^**Comments**^ |Result|XML|This fun... efinition ===== ^**Element Name**^**Data Type**^**Description**^**Required**^**Comments**^ |Result| | |Y| | ... | |Y| | |ErrorCode|String(50)|Error code|Y| | |Description|String(500)|Error description message|Y| | |Cust... <ErrorCode>xxxxxxx</ErrorCode> <Description>More than one customer found with provided search
Enhanced Language Tags: 7 Hits
slated - CTX(Product.Name.Translated) * Product Description Translated - CTX(Product.Description.Translated) * Long Product Description Translated - CTX(Product.LongDescription.Translated) * Product Quote Description Translated - CTX(Product.QuoteDescription.Translated) * Attribute Value Translated - C... e(Attribute Name).Label.Translated) * Attribute Description Translated - CTX(Product.Attribute(Attribute Name
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