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Custom Fields: 67 Hits
o define what a generated document will include. Field selections can also affect the configuration of the product(s). Each custom field is assigned to a tab defined as a quote tab and gets permissions set to define how the field will be used based on the user and the status of the quote. \\ {{ Wiki:... . Clicking **Add New** allows adding a new custom field. \\ {{ :adminhelp:quotesadministration:customfi
Quote Item Custom Fields: 36 Hits
ields** page, you can add a new quote item custom field, or edit and copy the existing ones listed here. \\ To create a new quote item custom field: - Click **Add New**. \\ The page for adding quote ite... ds displays. - Enter the **Name** of the custom field. \\ This field is required. - Enter the **Label** of the custom field. \\ This field is required. - Tick the **Use column value to filter quote i
Rules Admin: 28 Hits
ondition is true, THEN the anything in the action field will run. There are CPQ tags used especially for... to the list of existing rules. The **Rule Name** field is used as a reference and small description of t... searched for and edited. \\ The **Description **field can be used for additional explanations or notes.... nfiguration of the product. \\ The **Condition **field is used to restrict the rule's execution for cert
User Custom Fields: 27 Hits
playsettings.png?300}}\\ \\ Editing a user custom field is done by clicking the **Edit** button next to the corresponding field name. In addition, copying or deleting a user custom field is done by clickin... ete.png?600}}\\ \\ ===== Adding a New User Custom Field ===== To create a new user custom field, go to **... > **User Custom Fields** > **Add New User Custom Field**.\\ All the information needed to create a user
New Quote Details: 25 Hits
uote Details ===== **<MarketCode >** - If this field is missing, quote’s owner’s default market will be used for the quote. - If this field is supplied, the value found in XML has to match one of the ... call’s failure. \\ **<ShippingMethod>** * This field is required * Value found in XML has to match o... call’s failure. \\ **<ShippingPrice>** * This field is not required * If this node is empty or not
Search Fields: 24 Hits
elds Administration//;#; \\ To add a new search field, click the **Add New** button. This displays the search field definition page. \\ {{ quotesadministration:addnewfilter.jpg }} ;#;//Figure C - Add Search Field//;#; \\ **Available Fields** displays the fields that can be searched by. These incl... r information and user information. The** Label** field determines what the search field label will say o
Customer Field Permissions: 21 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>1001}} ====== Customer Field Permissions ====== The **Customer Field Permissions** admin... permissions can be defined for each customer role field: * **Hidden** - This is used for the statuses or user groups that you would not like the field displayed for. The field will not be displayed at... ted, such as Order Placed or Received Order. The field is not editable. Whatever value had been entered
Salesforce Integration Instructions: 20 Hits
* in **App** filed type Quote * in **Label** field type Quote * in **Plural Label** field type Quo... ki>__c</nowiki>) is a double underscore! </note> Field names and attributes that you must create are: ^Field name^Data type^Length^ |Discount Percent|Percent| Length - 16, Decimal Places – 2| |Total List... fields with the same procedure. *Example for field //Discount Percent// Select the field type //(Se
Quote Troubleshooting: 19 Hits
s ways to fix them. \\ * **Changing the custom field is expected to trigger the Save action, but that ... d Quotes** > **Automatically save quote on custom field change** is enabled. This parameter is used to trigger the **Save** action when a custom field is changed. However, in Responsive Design, it is also ... </code> \\ \\ * **An editable quote item custom field is not displayed in the classic design (in Quote
Application Parameters: 18 Hits
log. When set to **TRUE**, products have an input field for quantity. When Users select the **Add to Quot... alue is 3 by default. If administrators leave the field blank or enter 0 and 1, the default value of 3 co... on the Cart**: enables Users to edit the **Cost** field in the Quote, provided the field is made editable... ether CPQ disregards Users’ edits of the **Cost** field value in the Quote and calculates a new value bas
Fields and Calculations: 17 Hits
calculations.png?600}}\\ After clicking **Add New Field**, a window pops up for defining basic settings (field name, label, type (**Number**, **Date**, **Currency** and **Text**) and **dependency from the knockout context**). The field will display automatically in the list of fields and you can addition... **Quote Item Custom Fields** page. To handle the field's activity, use the **Active** toggle.\\ After yo
Customer Custom Fields: 17 Hits
customfield.jpg }} ;#;//Figure B - Add New Custom Field//;#; Above image shows the form where user can add new custom field. One should enter Name, Label and select customer Role Types to which this field will be added. It is also possible to define field's rank, but it is not required. Please note that field Name is used to uniquely identify customer's custom fields - therefore, user can't add two cu
Customer Roles Mapping: 17 Hits
l be mapped to. The second step is to define the field level mappings where you define the field from th... CRM account to be mapped to the CPQ customer role field. \\ First, choose the CPQ customer role that the... evel mappings to this role, and will not copy any field level mappings. \\ The **Account** and **Contact... involved in the mapping, click the **Continue to Field Level Mappings** button. This screen allows you
to include more features ===== Cart item custom field localization ===== \\ In responsive design (RD), custom field localization is managed through dictionaries. If you want to translate a custom field ... age that you want to translate a cart item custom field * Add new dictionary key by clicking **“Add new... f_Custom_Field** must be replaced with the custom field name. \\ ==== Example ==== Let’s assume that yo
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