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Application Parameters: 36 Hits
**Show progress information to users when adding items to quote**: defines whether Users receive a report on their progress when they add items to Quote. * **Show progress information to users when sen... ey arrive from CRM. * **Display List Of Recent Items To Users**: defines whether Users can view a list of their recent items. The list appears on the left-hand side. * **Display products in Recent It
Alternative and Variant Configurations: 30 Hits
users are able to create alternative and variant items to base quote items. To use this feature user mu... ay Item Type column**:TRUE \\ - **Show optional items to value**: In Item Type column (main and line items) or In Item Type column (only main items) **2.** Under **Pricing/Calculations/Cart Fields Admin... lternative/variant options available only on main items. Setting main item to alternative/variant its lin
C2 Loop: 28 Hits
s when you wish the system to iterate through all items in a quote. You can add C2 tags only to main and line items. You cannot add a C2 loop inside a C2 loop, but you can add a condition inside a C2 loop.... g can optionally have four sections (header, main items, line items and footer) and each of them is descr... display the header on each page.</note> ==== Main Items ==== The main tag retrieves all main items in a q
General Navigation: 23 Hits
===== Sections may include a list of the created items for that section. For instance, as shown in the ... t. \\ {{ Wiki::generalnavigationb1.png }} ;#; //Items List//;#; \\ All lists in CPQ are setup in the s... bottom is the **page navigation**. The number of items displayed per page is determined by the value entered in the **items per pag**e field. Click a page number to go directly to a page. Only 5 page nu
Recurring rolled-up fields: 22 Hits
ds for main item are calculated as summary of all items’ field amount belonging to same configuration (fo... example, rolled up list price is a summary of all items' list prices). Recurring rolled-up fields can be... discount is recalculated for all (main and line) items. Example:\\ Product total price is 1200 and prod... .\\ Recurring discount is calculated for all line items to 25%.\\ Rolled-up recurring GM is calculated to
Item Quantity and Attribute Line Item Quantity: 18 Hits
ibute ===== To allow defining quantity of product items in the configurator, administrators need to add t... tion w/ Attribute Quantity Input**) added as line items to products, the quantity box will display automa... tors can manage for all attributes listed as line items (applies to all attribute types):\\ * **User Ca... is option enables users to enter quantity to line items independently from the main item. Whatever quanti
C Tags: 18 Hits
rdinal number of the item in the quote. For child items with cart IDs 5.1 and 5.2, for example, the tag retrieves 6 and 7 as items' ID.| |%%<<C_VALUE(RolledUpCartItem)>>%%|Retrieves rolled up quote item IDs (the ID of the items as they display in the quote, not their ordinal numbers). For example, 5.1, 5... 2, etc.| |%%<<C_PNUM>>%%|Part number of all quote items.| |%%<<C_QTY>>%%|Quantity of quote items.| |%%<<C
Informational Tags: 18 Hits
tags**\\ %%<<C2>>%% tags are used to list cart items data. These tags should be used for all cart data... ent C2 headers and footers to be displayed unless items are displayed. === <<C2>> tag === %%<<C2>>%% rep... tionality as %%<<C2>>%% except it only lists main items that have product type as defined by "..." and their line items (regardless of product type of line item). === <<C2_PTYPE_ALL(...)>> tag === Same fu
Standard Quote Fields: 17 Hits
e which determines which prices are displayed for items in the quote, depending on the period for which t... o leave comments on the quote. | ===== Quote Items ===== The fields described in this table are sta... *ItemType**|Base or optional item types. Optional items are not taken into account for the final price.| ... gin Percent**|The percentage gross margin for all items in the lower levels.| |**MRC Rolled Up Gross Marg
Recently visited objects: 15 Hits
====== CPQ will display list of recently visited items in the widget on the left side of the screen. In ... and documents they have recently created. Recent Items part of the widget will have 20 items displayed in it by default. Whether ‘Recent Items’ will be displayed to users will be controlled with new application parameter ‘Display List Of Recent Items To Users’ (that will be found in CPQ Setup -> General
Product Nesting: 13 Hits
can also be set to list as line item. These line items will be shown appropriately on the quote (more on... ribute in order to see the container rows as line items in the quote. When referencing configurable pr... be identified. The way the configuration’s line items are displayed in the quote largely depends on the... Cart and Quotes tab, the parameter **Roll-up Cart Items** must be set to be **TRUE** in order for the fol
Reconfigure: 12 Hits
group – calculates QICFs, invokes mathematics for Items, Product Types and Cart Totals * Change... ) * [if auto-reconfigure] reconfigure all items * [if selected standard shipping] ... scount and multiplier * Create line items * [if system product (parent chil... nd multiplier * Create line items to this main item * **OnIte
New Quote Details: 10 Hits
ng mappings. (It will be downloaded from CRM). **<Items>** * All nodes labeled <Item> found under <Items> will be added to the quote * If reverse search for any of the items catalogue codes returns neg... onfiguration item. · Additional configuration items will have quantities that are set up as default q... set up to be applied to additional configuration items, the value of this node will be multiplied with d
Filtering Items: 9 Hits
====== Filtering Items ====== Quote Filtering allows users to filter out quote items by specific values i... on the quote, the system can filter out only the items that have a specific value in the quote item cust... the field value as a filter criterion in **Filter Items**. ===== Setup ===== To enable filtering per quot... eld and select **Use column value to filter quote items**. Filtering is supported for all field types.
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