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Custom Fields: 13 Hits
will be, what tab it will be displayed in and the order, and the label. Once defined, user can then assi... png }} ;#;//Figure D - Formula Field// ;#; \\ **Order within Tab** - Determines where this field will b... at is used in custom field. \\ **Show on place order confirmation page** - This determines whether this field will be displayed along with the order on the confirmation page after clicking Place Order.
Implementing a Notification: 12 Hits
meters|Application Parameters]] must be filled in order for notification emails to work.</note> ===== Place Order Notification ===== CPQ default "Place Order" Email is sent when user clicks on "Place Order". In order to control From Address of this Email, we can use application parameter "Place order "... Email is used as From address. Selecting place order on a complete quote that does not require approva
Customer Field Permissions: 11 Hits
the user. Permissions can be defined based on an order’s status and the user group the current user is i... tuses after the quote has been completed, such as Order Placed or Received Order. The field is not edita... nes that permission for every user group in every order status. \\ To define specific permissions based on **user group** and **order status**, click {{Wiki::customerfieldpermissionsb2.png}} or {{Wiki::cu
Creating a Document Generation Template: 10 Hits
ates** list, administrators can organize in which order templates appear when they are presented to the u... ing and pasting tags and the text in templates in order to achieve the best performance of the Document G... g the document. Once users sort the sections, the order remains unchanged the next time users generate do... ts from the same quote, regardless of the default order of sections set up in the **Setup**. * **User c
Workflow Actions: 9 Hits
o define the actions that will change the **quote/order** status. For example, a desired behavior may be to change quote status from Open to Order Placed if a user clicks on the Place Order button. There a... the top. For example, if a user clicks on Place Order while the quote is Open, the quote status will be changed to Order Placed with the Workflow Action defined below. \\ Alternatively you can view the
C2 Loop: 9 Hits
enables you to sort product by product type rank order. If you have two product types (Drive ranked 10 a... %%|This tag enables you to sort product type rank order, but you can state which rank order to start with... uters, followed by the remaining product types in order by rank. The new sort type enables you lots of fl... ve and then by Hardware due to their alphabetical order.| |%%<<C2_PTYPE_ALL_SortByNameButStartWith(Drive,
Fields and Calculations: 9 Hits
ns will execute from top to bottom. To change the order or calculations, click on {{:adminhelp:quotesadmi... tions, the system must execute them in a specific order described in [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quo... ions_order_for_quote_2.0|Item Update Calculations Order]]. Ordering calculations differently may cause an... ulations should also be organized in a predefined order as shown in [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:quot
Application Parameters: 9 Hits
e CPQ admin about new user registration and email order confirmation. * **Shop SMTP Mail Server**: ind... l To Details** table on the Customer Info page in order to save the page. When set to **NO**, CPQ allows ... e optional, variant or alternative.\\ * **Place order email Subject**: displays the email subject of the order. * **Place order "From" email address**: displays the default email address from which th
CPQ and DocuSign Integration: 8 Hits
his action should not change the quote status. In order to make this action visible in quote layout, you ... s into template documents at the desired place in order to keep the document generation templates well or... truct CPQ to request signers to sign in a defined order. If the **Complete in Order** toggle switch is en... wo signers are defined and that the **Complete in Order** toggle switch is active. One signer is required
Table Tag Builder: 8 Hits
ater in this doc). Since there is no guarantee on order SQL server returns records, if you don't use sort... r, meaning that ALL the conditions must be met in order to fetch the data. \\ ===== User Interface =====... you need to set the conditions on that column,in order to fetch only rows that you need. You can add as... e: SELECT TOP 1 price FROM table WHERE quantity<7 ORDER BY quantity DESC This way we have set up the cond
Product Attributes: 7 Hits
cted back to when it was previously saved. \\ In order to use an Attribute with a product it must be **s... hether this Attribute is required to complete the order. The default is OPTIONAL. If set to REQUIRED th... a product, a notice will be displayed stating the order is Not Complete. Once all attributes set to REQU... They don't offer control of calculation execution order and execute twice, which degrades performance. On
Sorting and Ranking Attributes: 7 Hits
These values will get automatic sort, and in that order will be displayed in Configurator. These values w... eCode>. The values will be sorted in an ascending order, that is from the smallest item to the largest, or in an alphabetical order. XML example: <code XML> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Prod... ributes/Option will be lined as determined by the order from the <ValueCode>; other values will be sorted
Product Display Types: 6 Hits
oduct** display type requires no configuration in order to be added to a quote. The **Configurable Produ... require any attributes/options to be selected in order to be added to a quote. Because of this, the Con... uct requires attributes/options to be selected in order to be added to a quote. These attributes can hav... it requires attributes/options to be selected in order to be added to a quote and inclusion, exclusion,
Place Order - Execution Flow: 6 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>2}} ====== Place Order - Execution Flow ====== - New Quote method is called. If New Quote method fails, Place Order method will fail too. - Each item in new cart is checked if it exceeds... nerated quote is an incomplete product, the place order API call will fail, but the cart will be created. - Place Order workflow action is checked if available. If it’s not available API call will fail.
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