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selected on the [[adminhelp:productadministration:products:productsetupwizardpsw:step1productdefinition|Prod... on]] tab of the [[adminhelp:productadministration:products:productsetupwizardpsw:productsetupwizardpsw|Produ... nfigurable Product * Collection of Configurable Products * System(List) of Configurable Products * Parent/Child System(List) of Configurable Products Each display type provides a different behavior for
Application Parameters: 62 Hits
in the system. . * **Initially show only active products in administration's product list**: includes only active products when set to **TRUE**. * **When users enter several words in search box, CPQ will find products based on each entered word (instead of searching based on entire phrase) **: regulates how CPQ filters products. * **Default download offline permission**: sets permissions that enab
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Product Import: 56 Hits
eo ===== <html> <center> <iframe title="Uploading Products" width="640" height="420" src="http://www.webcomi... uct Import administrative section allows creating products in an Excel spreadsheet, then upload them into CPQ. User can not only import new products, but also export any existing products into an Excel spreadsheet. Both simple and configurable products (or aliases) can be imported and exported. This allows
Simple Product Import: 47 Hits
nistrative section allows creating as many simple products in an Excel spreadsheet as needed, then upload them into CPQ. Once imported, simple products can easily be converted to configurable products. This makes not only creating multiple simple products easier, but it also makes the beginning steps of c... oduct Import allows not only importing new simple products, but user can also export any existing simple pro
Product Nesting: 47 Hits
===== Setting up product nesting or hierarchical products is a way to create complex configurations, which ... lade servers). Product nesting or hierarchical products also provides a way to configure product systems ... fice – network cable, switches, etc – while other products need to be configured as child products – compute... figurable Product**, **Collection of Configurable Products**, **System (List) of Configurable Products**, an
What to delete vs. not delete: 30 Hits
his means that existing quotes that contains such products needs to be deleted first before deleting the products. The best way to delete all exiting quotes in the system is through **[[adminhelp:quotesadmini... ion]]**. Now, you can go ahead to delete existing products in the system.\\ ===== Product Catalog Administr... (one at a time)**\\ Navigate through **CPQ Setup→Products Catalog →Products**. This opens the products page
Adding Products to a Cart: 27 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>265}} ====== Adding Products to a Cart ====== To create a quote, generally user will find a p... duct is added to cart, it is possible to add more products by clicking the **Add Item** action in the Action... uct to a quote. \\ Quick product search on ‘Add Products’ section is used for finding all types of produc... n user enters search criteria, CPQ will look for products that have entered search criteria anywhere in the
Products: 26 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>42}} ====== Products ====== The Product administrative section allows setting up new and existing products. Accessing this administrative section from the Products admin menu displays a list of all existing products in the system. Products can be seen in two views: by Category and through the... three methods: [[adminhelp:productadministration:products:productsetupwizardpsw:productsetupwizardpsw|Produ
Delegation of Authority for Simple Products: 23 Hits
==== Delegation of Authority for Simple Products ==== \\ Local admin can manage Local simple products. To be able to manage local products, Super admin have to delegate managing of simple products to Local ad... n Setup menu – Delegation of authority for simple products (found under Setup -> Product Catalog). \\ \\ {{ ... rmission group that will be able to manage simple products locally (Admin can find permission group by Ajax
Deploy / Send Changes: 19 Hits
Deploy / Send Changes feature enables you to copy products and permission groups from one CPQ environment to... list for the admin) about data that is sent from products and permission groups automatically vs. what admi... leted “ will be displayed to admin. ===== Deploy Products ===== \\ To add products to the deployment packag... utton. A pop-up window appears displaying all the products.\\ To add products to the deployment package, sel
Input XML Examples: 17 Hits
code xml> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Products> <Product> <Identificator>PartNumber</Id... </Attribute> </Attributes> </Product> </Products> </code> ===== Example No. 2 ===== The followin... code xml> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Products> <Product> <Identificator>PartNumber</Id... </Attribute> </Attributes> </Product> </Products> </code> ===== Example No. 3 ===== The followi
Nested Products Tags: 15 Hits
====== Nested Products Tags ====== To display parent/child product structure in generated documents, you should add MAIN tags for children products inside parent MAIN tags. The first main item in the tag stru... <note>If you add conditions for retrieving nested products, the %%<<CONDITION_END>>%% tag is not required.</
Limitations and Known Issues 1908: 15 Hits
play on mouse hover over product entries in the **Products** grid. This occurs in **Setup** > **Products**. ... the primary product version. This affects both **Products** and **Products 2.0**. * SAP favicon is missin... *Current Quote** dropdown menu when more than ten products are added to the quote. * The **Required** too... play Type** columns are not properly aligned in **Products 2.0**. * Some labels in SAP CPQ are displayed i
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