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Quote Visibility: 40 Hits
sibility ====== By default, a users can only see quotes that they have created. These are displayed under the My Quotes tab on the load quote page. In order to allow a user to see any other quotes, a quote visibility rule must be created. Quotes a user has been given permission to will be displayed under the Other Quotes tab on the load quote page. \\ Quote visibility rules are managed in the **Quot
Application Parameters: 33 Hits
Catalog**, **Configurator**, **Shopping Cart and Quotes**, and **Bulletin Board**. \\ {{:adminhelp:genera... luded in the List of Recent Items. * **Display quotes in Recent Items**: defines whether recently created/used quotes are included in the List of Recent Items. * **Ignore Standard CRM Mappings**: defi... vious attachment.\\ ===== Shopping Cart and Quotes ===== The following list explains the parameters
Load Existing Quotes: 27 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>22}} ====== Load Existing Quotes ====== Once a quote has been created, user can view and pe... The most convenient way is through the **Existing Quotes** link at the top of the page or by clicking the ... ickablelinks.jpg|}} The load quote page displays quotes in three tabs: My Quotes, Waiting for Approval, and Other Quotes. The **My Quotes** tab displays all quotes you have created or were reassigned to
Automatic Deletion of Quotes: 25 Hits
====== Automatic Deletion of Quotes ====== When deleting quotes, you can either delete all quotes that mee... ion criteria, regardless of their status, or only quotes in particular status.\\ Each deleted quote is re... ction Audit Trail**. ===== Automatic Deletion of Quotes Regardless of Status ===== To delete quotes witho... unt their status: - In **General Deletion** > **Quotes**, enable the **Default Deletion Period** toggle
Reassign Rights: 24 Hits
that belongs to the currently logged in user (My Quotes tab) or someone else (Other Quotes tab). The user... users that belongs to that user group) can assign quotes to which user groups (i.e. users that belong to t... hat belongs to Direct Sales user group can assign quotes to the following groups: CUSTOMER and SALES REP..... user group from 'Selected User group can reassign quotes...' drop-down list and then select one or more us
Approval Rules: 23 Hits
to obey a set of rules when operating with theirs quotes. For instance, administrator can model the approv... he approver usually gets to view/edit submitters' quotes. Think of the approver as of a „manager” whose j... nactive user is set to be an approver to someone, quotes submitted for approval will be assigned to him(wh... ould violate rules and avoid approval process. If quotes are stuck in 'waiting for approval' status, pleas
Workflow Actions: 22 Hits
relates to a tab on the load quote page.\\ **My Quotes** - (available for all users) My Quotes tab displays all quotes that the currently logged in user created. This will likely be the most robust workflow as it is how each user interacts with their quotes. \\ **Waiting for approval** - (This contains no quotes for most users except for users who are Approval Parents for other users). These are the q
Oracle CRM On-Demand Integration Instrctions: 18 Hits
om an Opportunity to the CPQ page that lists only quotes linked with that opportunity. On the same page us... opportunity context. \\ 2) **Custom Tab – CPQ Quotes**\\ Following this link users come to the CPQ Existing Quotes page that lists all quotes, linked not linked to opportunities, that a user may see. T... context. \\ ===== How to create Custom Tab "CPQ Quotes" ===== Login to COD and go to Admin / Applicatio
What to delete vs. not delete: 17 Hits
s to safely and easily delete other user’s, their quotes, or their customers. This is a good way to clean ... database by deleting old users, along with their quotes and customers.. To access Bulk Deletion, choose the link from under the Quotes admin menu, this displays the [[adminhelp:quotesadministration:bulkdel... n can only happen if a product is not used in any quotes. This means that existing quotes that contains su
Approval Rules: 17 Hits
les you to enforce rules for users operating with quotes. Let’s say you want to limit the number of users ... ick **Select** to select user(s) that must submit quotes for approval from the **User type** drop-down men... ne can approve or reject it. In other words, when quotes are sent for approval to an approver, and that ap... hange will be visible in two tables for approving quotes: //Quotes that I need to approve// and //Quotes t
User Types: 14 Hits
talog**. \\ - **Quote List** – a list of existing quotes. \\ - **New Quote** – an empty quote. \\ - **Cata... with product items. \\ - **Approvals** – list of quotes in the Waiting for Approval tab. - Click **Star... he advanced search is available on the **Existing Quotes** page. For more information on how to define sea... splayed on the following pages: **Shopping cart / Quotes**, **My Quotes**, **Checkout**, **Waiting for App
Column Headings: 14 Hits
the columns displayed to users on the **Existing Quotes page**. You can restrict the visibility of column... n. Any field available to users on the **Existing Quotes** page can be sorted. \\ {{ quotesadministrat... trative section can be accessed via **Setup** > **Quotes**. Here administrators can add, remove, and modif... ministration//;#; \\ To add a new **Existing Quotes Column**, click **Add New**. A blank definition p
Quote 2.0: 12 Hits
can choose which quote engine to use for managing quotes: the Quote 1.0 or the new, improved Quote 2.0 eng... luding up to 100,000 quote lines. * The list of quotes is redesigned to offer a cleaner overview of quotes. * Deprecated features are removed from the system, or replaced by powerful alternatives, which... g Project/Quotation ===== When filtering existing quotes by quote number, the system will check if there a
Bulk Deletion: 12 Hits
s to safely and easily delete other user’s, their quotes, or their customers. This is a good way to clean... database by deleting old users, along with their quotes and customers. To access Bulk Deletion, choose the link from under the Quotes admin menu.\\ {{ quotesadministration:bulkdeletion.jpg }} ;#;//Fig... whether you would like to delete a user and their quotes or delete local and global customers in the syste
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