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Limitations: 63 Hits
===== The list below describes the limitations of SAP CPQ. ==== General Limitations ==== ^Limitation^Re... Access Rights feature allows assigning read-only SAP CPQ Setup options to administrators only for User... he information below describes the limitations of SAP CPQ integration with other applications for the 1905 SAP CPQ release. ^Limitation^Release 1905^ |The Quote 2.0 engine does not support integration wi
System Requirements for SAP Integrations: 44 Hits
====== System Requirements for SAP Integrations ====== Before integrating SAP CPQ with another SAP app... d information is valid for the current release of SAP CPQ. ^ Application ^ System Requirements ^ Other Required Components ^ | **SAP ERP for simple products (without variant configuration)** | SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 0 or higher | SAP Cloud Platform Integration | | ::: | :::
SAP Commerce Cloud Integration Scenarios: 35 Hits
====== SAP Commerce Cloud Integration Scenarios ====== Depending on where the user journey starts, ther... ase scenarios: * Users begin their journey from SAP Commerce Cloud. * Users begin their journey from SAP CPQ. ===== Scenario 1: Sending a request for quotation from SAP Commerce Cloud ===== In this scenario, SAP Commerce Cloud is the starting point. The user flow is described below.\\ - __//User
SAP VC Integration Overview: 34 Hits
====== SAP VC Integration Overview ====== A typical integration landscape is shown in the image below.\... in the image, master material is sent from ERP to SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI) over SAP IDocs. SCPI then calls the SAP CPQ SOAP API, and the following product data is sent from ERP to SAP CPQ: ... r * material number (which becomes system ID in SAP CPQ) * unit of measure * catalog/hierarchy (w
Salesforce Integration Instructions: 31 Hits
ide is to help you set up the integration between SAP Sales Cloud CPQ and (SFDC) so an e... You will also need your SAP CPQ tenant info. If you are embarking on this se... ===== There are 6 essential steps to set up the SAP CPQ - Salesforce integration. Read over the conc... ll assist you in the task. <note> Integration of SAP CPQ and Salesforce is supported by both Quote 1.0
Introduction to the Variant Configuration Integration: 30 Hits
iguration Integration ====== ===== Why Integrate SAP CPQ with Variant Configuration ===== Variant Con... onfiguring exceedingly complex products. Although SAP CPQ also supports product configuration, Variant ... Variant Configuration models can be recreated in SAP CPQ, that would come at a high cost in terms of t... t in mind, the primary motivation for integrating SAP CPQ with Variant Configuration is eliminating the
SAP CPQ Package for SFDC: 29 Hits
====== SAP CPQ Package for SFDC ====== The SAP CPQ Package for Salesforce integration enables you to au... setup adjustments. The advantages of integrating SAP CPQ and Salesforce via the package are the follow... ter you create an opportunity in SFDC and land to SAP CPQ by clicking **New Quote**, you are able to cr... ovisioning is enabled. The first time you land to SAP CPQ a matching user is automatically created. The
Limitations and Known Issues 1908: 27 Hits
== \\ The list below describes the limitations of SAP CPQ for the 1908 release. \\ * When autocomplet... ccess Rights** feature allows assigning read-only SAP CPQ **Setup** options to administrators only for ... ustom fields is supported only by Quote 2.0. * SAP CPQ classic design does not support **Data Deleti... During the export/import process of companies in SAP CPQ, currently there is an error when a full name
SAP Variant Configuration Integration: 23 Hits
====== SAP Variant Configuration Integration ====== The SAP CPQ – SAP Variant Configuration (VC) integr... configurations for sales representatives.\\ The SAP Variant Configuration integration is provided via SAP Product Configuration.\\ The following pages provide information about the VC integration: ... crmintegrationsetup:sap_erp_integration|Integrate SAP CPQ with SAP ERP]] * [[adminhelp:crmintegration
Federated Single Sign-On: 22 Hits
f common issues related to setting up the FSSO in SAP CPQ, see [[limitsandtroubleshooting:troubleshooti... ===== To be able to successfully use the FSSO in SAP CPQ, you must complete these steps: - Contact the SAP CPQ Support team to enable access to the [[adminhelp:federation:federation_settings|Federati... s]] section of the **Setup**. \\ In case multiple SAP CPQ domains on a single SAP CPQ environment are u
SAP ERP Integration: 21 Hits
====== SAP ERP Integration ====== The SAP CPQ–SAP ERP integration keeps the data synchronized between t... tems in real time.\\ Key benefits of integrating SAP CPQ with SAP ERP are as follows: * Products are synchronized directly from a remote SAP ERP system. * Prices for simple products are sent from SAP ERP to SAP CPQ pricebooks over SCPI. * Product and pricing data is always up to date. * Custom
User Action Audit Trail: 20 Hits
s you real-time insight into users’ activities in SAP CPQ. Additionally, you can track all of the chang... ge has taken place.\\ ===== User Actions ===== SAP CPQ logs the following actions executed both in Q... and Quote 2.0 by users:\\ \\ **Login process** \\ SAP CPQ logs whether the user comes from a CRM system or logs in directly to SAP CPQ. The only integration supported by both Quote 1.0 and Quote 2.0 at t
Integration Setup on the CPQ Side: 20 Hits
= All communication from CPQ to C4C goes over the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service (SCP IS), a BU... the **Enable integration** toggle switch on the **SAP Integration Details** page.\\ {{:adminhelp:crmint... tegration:enable_integration.png?300}}\\ \\ The **SAP Integration Details** page is divided into three sections: * **SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service Account Details** The integration User is def
Connecting SAP CPQ to SAP Product Configuration: 17 Hits
====== Connecting SAP CPQ to SAP Product Configuration ====== All the information needed to connect SAP CPQ to Product Configuration service should be provided by the administrator managing SAP Product C... ettings are made on a tenant level.\\ To enable SAP Product Configuration integration on the SAP CPQ ... to **Setup** > **Providers** > **Providers** > **SAP**. \\ Available SAP providers display. \\ {{:admi
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