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Informational Tags: 29 Hits
====== Informational Tags ====== ===== Quote Tags <<Q_(...)>> ===== Replaces the tag with quote leve... returned by the tag)>>%%. After all informational tags have been processed it searches the document for all %%<<INSERT_FILE(...)>>%% tags and each file is done separately processed (to replace any tags in... returned by the tag)>>%%. After all informational tags have been processed it searches the document for
Document Generation Tags: 20 Hits
====== Document Generation Tags ====== Generated documents in SAP CPQ are populated via tags (you insert... tem and displayed in the document). All available tags are grouped and described in these sections: * ... documentgenerationtemplates:gen_doc_tags:c_tags|C Tags]] - retrieve data for each item in a quote * [[... documentgenerationtemplates:gen_doc_tags:q_tags|Q Tags]] - retrieve quote data (currency, user and owner
Q Tags: 20 Hits
====== Q Tags ====== The following tables display Q tags that you can add anywhere in the document template to retrieve data from quotes. Q tags mainly retrieve general quote information (currency, user and owner data, etc.). ==== General Tags ==== ^ Tag ^ Description ^ |%%<<Q_QUOTE(NUMBER)>>%% | Quote ... >%%|Retrieves NRC quote total amount. Use the CTX tags to retrieve the MRC total amount %%<<Q_TAG(<*CTX(
C2 Loop: 19 Hits
====== C2 Loop ====== You should use the C2 tags when you wish the system to iterate through all items in a quote. You can add C2 tags only to main and line items. You cannot add a C2 loop inside a C2 loo... ructure in your template and enter any additional tags.\\ \\ %%<<C2>>%%\\ %%<<HEADER>>%%\\ %%<<HEADER_EN... D>>%%\\ %%<<C_END>>%%\\ <note>Opening and closing tags (for example, %%<<LI>>%% and %%<<LI_END>>%%) must
Template Creation Tool: 17 Hits
l** lets you create templates with basic document tags so you do not need to [[adminhelp:quotesadministr... have experience working with document generation tags. The **Template Creation Tool** is not available ... additionally be formatted, you can add and remove tags. - Click {{:adminhelp:generalsettings:document_... nd End users, the system includes in the template tags for address 1, address 2, city, state, zip code a
Document Generation Tips and Tricks: 16 Hits
n in SAP CPQ. * Do not change the color of the tags to white to make a document cleaner. The system pulls values of tags and it does not display the tags in the generated document, so you should not change the color of tags to white to hide them in the template. * Do not switch fonts in one tag. * Always use the same font for tags within one document. * Make sure to show paragraph marks and
Nested Products Tags: 14 Hits
====== Nested Products Tags ====== To display parent/child product structure in generated documents, you should add MAIN tags for children products inside parent MAIN tags. The first main item in the tag ... the quote which satisfies the condition. All main tags inside that tag will act as children items. Furth... main tag inside a child main tag, and so on. Main tags should be marked with a number according to their
Example Templates: 14 Hits
el templates that contain several frequently used tags for document generation and CTX tags for retrievi... erationtemplates:gen_doc_tags|document generation tags]]. === Microsoft Word Example Templates === * ... ontemplates:container_tags_example.xlsx|Container Tags Example}} - a simple template for retrieving data from a container column using CTX tags. * {{:adminhelp:quotesadministration:documentgenerationtem
Conditions: 13 Hits
can insert into templates to condition what data tags retrieve: * standalone conditions - you can add... re in the template, they are not dependent on any tags. Standalone conditions are used to control if sec... not. Conditions are processed after all the other tags have been processed. Using conditions may slow do... f|soccer|basketball] Any static text or tables or tags [CONDITION_END]. * tag-dependent conditions - c
Tags and Expressions: 13 Hits
{{indexmenu_n>33}} ====== Tags and Expressions ====== CallidusCloud CPQ expressions are used to dynamic... nctions, If then statements and CallidusCloud CPQ Tags. \\ CallidusCloud CPQ Tags can be used in many i... ent to generate a printable Quote for a customer. Tags are used to obtain values from the named Attribute or Attribute Value. Tags can also grab other information useful in expressions. <note>All tags an
Document Generation: 10 Hits
administrators to create document templates with tags that retrieve specific quote details. Users, on t... generated documents, you need to enter dedicated tags in the template. Each tag can retrieve any specif... displayed in the output document. The list of all tags and a detailed explanation with examples is in th... erationtemplates:gen_doc_tags|Document Generation Tags]] section. Alternatively, you can use the standar
Customizing User Registration Emails: 9 Hits
r**. \\ Values of the key and their corresponding tags are displayed in the **Value** column. - Click ... -tag pairs to the **Value** field, use values and tags displayed in the table below in the following for... The following table displays supported user field tags and the corresponding values the tags pull when new users are created. ^**Values**^**Tags**^ |**Username**|%%{{Username}}%%| |**Password**|%%{{Passw
Email Lists: 8 Hits
in the CPQ database can also be entered. Dynamic tags can also be used to determine who gets a notification. Tags provide a way to send emails to users performing certain roles rather than specific predetermined users. Tags can be very useful for sending notifications for approval rule violations, supervision, and general updates. The tags are self explanatory and the user(s) fitting the selected tag
Creating a Document Generation Template: 8 Hits
stration:documentgenerationtemplates:gen_doc_tags|tags]] in the document for the translations to display... ument template so you do not have to manually add tags. Depending on the template type that you are cre... ling Microsoft Word Templates === Before you add tags to a Microsoft Word template, first adjust the he... done in Microsoft Word so you can later only add tags without any styles. The styles that are applied t
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