Adding Products

To import simple products:

  1. Click Setup » Products » Simple Product Import
  2. Click Sample Products and download the Simple Product Import Template.
  3. Populate the template with your product data.
  4. Browse to select and upload the file with your product data.
  5. Click Upload to finish.

Do not modify the template file All the columns need to exist for the upload to be successful. View restrictions and required columns on the Important Info sheet tab of the Simple Product Import Template.

For more information on importing products, see Simple Product Import.
To add a simple product manually:

  1. Click Setup » Products » Products
  2. Click Add New to open the Product Setup Wizard
  3. Select Simple Product for Configuration Type.
  4. Enter Product Name, Part Number and Product Description.
  5. Select an Image that will appear in the catalogue.
  6. Select a Product Type.
  7. Enter Base Price and Cost.
  8. Add the product to a category by clicking Add/Remove for Product Categories.
  9. Mark the user groups that will be able to view the product under Permissions.
  10. Enter Product Weight.
  11. Select Effectivity Dates - product is visible from start date to finish date.
  12. Enter Standard Shipping.
  13. Click Save to Finish.

Only fields marked with asterisk are required.

For more information on creating, updating and deleting products, see Products.

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