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 +====== CRM Application Setup ======
 +CPQ offers seamless integration with Salesforce.com, in a way that users have one point of entry to create and manage all sales opportunities for existing or prospective customers. Typically, integration can be used in two ways – when users start their sessions in Salesforce and then come to the CPQ (this may be used for sales people with access to the Salesforce tool), or when users start sessions in CPQ (this may be used for channel sales, when these sales people do not have access to the Saleforce application). Wherever the users start their sessions, it is possible to implement appropriate data transfer between two systems, base on the CPQ setup. \\ 
 +If users start their sessions in Salesforce, they may select appropriate account and opportunity, populate the opportunity fields, and then by following the link on this opportunity, come to the CPQ tool. From there user can create a new quote and base on the settings in CPQ administration, certain opportunity fields will be mapped to the CPQ quote custom fields, as well as the appropriate accounts and contacts that will be mapped to the quote customers. Upon activating the ‘Create/Update Opportunity’ action on the quote, informations containing quote products data will be sent to the Salesforce opportunity. If the selected products do not exist in the Saleforce pricebook, these products will be added there. On the customer pages, it is possible for users to search for accounts and contacts in Salesforce, and to import them to the CPQ. Also, when users generate the quote document, they may attach it to the opportunity in Saleforce. After the quote has been attached to the Salesforce opportunity (this is done by executing the **Create/Update Opportunity **action on the quote), users will be redirected to that same quote, when they click on the link in this opportunity that leads to CPQ tool. Users will be prompted for their CPQ credentials only the first time they come from Saleforce to CPQ. After that, they will no longer need to log in when arriving from SF. \\ 
 +For setting up the integration between CPQ and Salesforce, recommended steps would be: 
 +  - Set up the link in Salesforce that leads to the CPQ. More details about how this can be done, can be found in [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:settinglinkfromsalesforcetocpqforsalesforceusersonly:settinglinkfromsalesforcetocpqforsalesforceusersonly|Setting Link from Salesforce to CPQ]]. 
 +  - Set up the appropriate CPQ options for various integration details. The administrator can set up:
 +    * **Custom Field Mappings** - These mappings may occur when users arrive from Salesforce to CPQ, or when the action Create/Update Opportunity is executed from the CPQ quote. It is possible to map Saleforce opportunity and account fields to the CPQ quote fields, or vice versa.
 +    * **Customer Roles Mappings** - These mappings may happen when users arrive from Salesforce to CPQ, or when the action Create/Update Opportunity is executed from the CPQ quote. The administrator may choose between several accounts and contacts that are somehow related to the opportunity – such as the opportunity account, opportunity partner account, opportunity primary role etc. The selected account and contact is then mapped to the CPQ customer role (Bill To, Ship To or End User), or vice versa, base on the choice made by administrator.
 +    * **Opportunity Status** - This is where mappings between Salesforce opportunity stages and CPQ quote mappings can be set.
 +    * **PriceBook** – Market Mappings - The administrator can map Saleforce pricebooks and CPQ quote markets. This is important when products are added to the opportunities, because base on these mappings, products will be sent to the appropriate pricebooks from CPQ to Saleforce.
 +    * **User mappings** - The administrator can set the mappings between Salesforce and CPQ users. When Saleforce user arrives to the CPQ, he will be logged in as the mapped CPQ user.
 +    * **Product Types that will be mapped to the Saleforce** - This is where the administrator can set up which product types will be sent to the Salesforce , and which won’t. 
 +{{ Wiki::crmapplicationsetupb1.png }}  
 +;#;//CRM Integration Setup//;#; 
 +For more information on the integration process between Salesforce and CPQ , please refer to the [[adminhelp:crmintegrationsetup:customfieldsmapping|Custom Fields Mapping]] manual section. \\ 
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