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Implementation of accessibility allows persons with impairments to use SAP CPQ seamlessly and with no impediments (with the help of assistive technologies).

Currently, two groups of accessibility requirements are covered, but more will be covered soon.


All interactive user interface elements have clearly defined labels and ARIA labels. ARIA labels provide metadata, which is recognized and read by screen readers, while it is not necessarily visible in the user interface.

Labels are properly linked with elements they refer to (for example, clicking a label next to a checkbox selects or deselects that checkbox). Furthermore, all label alternatives (such as icons) have appropriate tooltips. 

Visible Focus

Focus provides users with a clear indication of the current position where the action is taking place on the screen. This position is indicated with the highlighted frame around each element. Users can navigate through interactive UI elements either with a mouse or with a keyboard. 


Proper tab ordering (navigation order of focusable UI elements) is a part of another group of accessibility requirements, which will be addressed in one of the following SAP CPQ releases.  

These requirements have been covered for Quote 2.0 and in the following pages: 

  • Catalog
  • Load Existing Project/Quotation (all tabs) 
  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Register
  • Cart (Quotation, Additional Info, Documents, Customer Info and Solution Design tabs)
  • Change Document Generation Template
  • Configurator
  • User Page (all tabs)
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