Approval Process

A quote may need to be submitted for approval because the discount is too high, the total amount of the quote is too high, or other rules decided by the company have been violated. No matter what the reason is that approval is required, the process of submitting a quote for approval is the same. For the following explanations, discount will be used as an example. Note: Following operations may be different from user to user due to the way the system is configured.

Submitting a Quote for Approval

Once a product is configured and added to quote, user can modify the discount of products or line items. Also it is possible to modify the total price of items. If the resulting discount is higher than the allowable range, then the quote will need to be submitted for approval. When discount higher than allowable range is entered, the value will turn red.

Figure A - Discount Exceeded Range

When clicking the Calculate action in the Action area, the discount is calculated and actions such as Place Order and Generate Quote are removed. Displayed at the bottom of the Cart area are the rules that were violated resulting in the quote needing to be submitted for approval.


Figure B - Approval Violated Rules

In addition, an action named Approvals is added in the Action area. Clicking this button takes user to another page where he can insert comments for each violation and submit the quote for approval. Once the quote is submitted for approval the status changes and email notifications are sent to the approve parents alerting them of the quote.

Quote Resolution

Once a quote has been submitted for approval, it is shown on the approve parent’s load quote page under the Waiting for Approval tab. Quote resolution can be done by choosing the Approvals actions from the Actions column. This displays the approvals page where the quote can be approved or rejected. In addition, the approver can enter comments for the submitter. These comments can be read through the Approval History action found in the Action area of the cart.


Figure C - Approval Resolution

Check who is responsible for approving quote on list of quotes in waiting for approval tab

While you are at the list of quotes page, in the waiting for approval tab, you might find convenient to have the information about who is responsible for approving the particular quote. Tag <*ResponsibleApprovers*> can be used to retrieve this information. While you are able to use this tag the standard way (in document generation templates, on custom fields, etc.), you can also add the column which will be used to display the information provided by this tag.

Follow next steps to create the column.

  • Go to Setup > Quotes > Column Headings and click Add New. This brings a Column Heading definition page.
  • Select Responsible Approvers from the Available fields drop down list, enter the desired label, and select which user types will be introduced with this column.
  • Click Add to column headings to add this column to the list of the existing columns.
  • Click Save. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1 - Adding new Column Heading (Responsible Approvers)

When you go to the list of quotes page, you will see this column populated with the desired information for each quote that is in status Waiting for Approval or any other approval status defined by your workflow. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Responsible Approvers column heading
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