Bulk Validation

Bulk Validation allows searching for multiple part numbers by entering them or pasting them from another document, such as an Excel file. Except being able to search product descriptions, Bulk Validation functions similarly to the quick search. Unlike the quick search, though, Bulk Validation allows searching for multiple part numbers and immediately add products to cart, along with desired quantities. To access Bulk Validation, user can simply click the “Bulk validation” link at the top of the page. Alternatively, he can go to the Home page by clicking the link at the top of the page, and then click the Bulk Validation button.

Figure A - Bulk Validation Page

The page contains an area where user can enter:

  1. Part Numbers Only
  2. Part Number and Quantity
  3. Quantity and Part Number

If user wants to enter quantities along with part numbers, he can choose to enter part numbers first, and quantities second, or the reverse order – quantities first. If he wants only to enter part numbers, he should leave “Part Numbers Only” option checked. Note: The page is designed to work well when pasting part numbers and/or quantities from excel. When pasted from excel, every part number/quantity combination will be pasted to each single row, so number of rows in excel will correspond to number of rows in text area. Part number and Quantity are delimited by 'tab' character. It is also possible to enter part numbers and Quantities manually, but user must ensure to enter only one part number/Quantity combination into every row of text area. Additionally, user can delimit part numbers and quantities with a blank (space) character. When the system finishes with searching of entered part numbers, it will redirect user to new page which displays results in tabular view, where user can see given part numbers, associated product names, their list prices and text boxes that can be used to enter quantities, and to add offered products to cart. If quantities were entered along with part numbers, then quantity textboxes would be pre-populated.


Figure B - Bulk Validation Results

If user wants to add some more products to bulk validation, he can click on “Back To Bulk Validation” button and add new part numbers. Numbers previously entered will be pre-populated so he can just add new part numbers.

Users may add products to the current quote if they click on the button 'Add To Current Quote' or they can create new quote by clicking on the button 'Create New Quote'.

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