Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board allows users to discuss certain topics with other users, to view news, vote for an option, ask other users for help and so on.
There are four main forum types:

  • Discussions are threaded discussions. Users can reply to the discussion starter or to replies within the discussion.
  • Questions are text-only topics that seek an answer. Each user can answer once. Users cannot reply to other answers. If a question is marked as answered by the user who asked the question, or by a moderator, the topic becomes read only and new answers cannot be posted. Questions are useful for managing a knowledge base.
  • Polls are essentially tallied surveys, or in other words, close-ended questions. Users can only vote once in a poll. Poll results are counted in real time and displayed in a bar chart. Customers can poll at potential program feature.
  • News – Simple news thread. User cannot comment news.

You can access the Bulletin Board by clicking Bulletin Board on the Home Page.

Figure A - Bulletin Board - User Side

Bulletin Board Main Page

When Bulletin Board is opened the following page will be displayed:

Figure B - Bulletin Board - Main Page

At the top of the page are Navigation links, and the show bookmarks button . This button navigates to the bookmarks page, where all user’s bookmarks are listed, and from where the user can quickly access certain topics and replies. Tabs below this section list all available forum types. User can choose the type of forums that will be displayed by setting the DISPLAY_FORUM_TYPES application parameter in Administration. Each forum contains one or more topic. Topics have a Topic name, Author name, number of replies/views, and a short list of recent posts (who posted it and when).

Add Topic

User can add a new topic to a forum by clicking on and the following window will appear:

Figure C - Add New Topic

Topic title – Title for a new topic. This is a required field. Description – This will be displayed bellow the topic title on each forum. This is a required field. User may write a topic reply in the HTML editor at bottom of the page. He can also format text, insert links to other pages etc. This is the initial reply to a topic. This is a required field.

Show Topic

When a user clicks on a topic title on the main page, the following page will be displayed:

Figure D - Topic Display Page

All replies are displayed on this page. Each topic contains a title, date when it was posted, who posted it, reply text, and optionally attachments. Users can attach documents, pictures, pdf’s etc. If a user posted a reply to a topic, the following icons are displayed: . They are used to Edit, Delete and Add Bookmark respectively.

Edit Reply

When user click the button, the following page will be displayed:

Figure E - Edit Reply Page

This page allows users to edit reply text on the left side in the same way as Add Topic. On the right side, it is possible to Attach files. To delete attachments click . A list of attached files is displayed on the right, below the Browse button.

Delete Reply

Clicking on the button user will be prompted to confirm:

Figure F - Delete Topic Confirm Dialog

Click on OK to delete the selected reply.

Add Reply

When clicking on the button the following page will be displayed:

Figure G - Add Reply Page

This page works the same way as described in the Edit Reply section.

Add Bookmark

Clicking on the icon, user can easily bookmark a certain topic or reply. At the top of the page, next to the spanner image is the Bookmark list icon. This redirects to the Bookmarks page, where all bookmarks are displayed.

Display News

The News forum contains list of news. Each article contains a title, date created, and is displayed as short news.

News Forum

For reading the complete article click and the following page will be displayed:

Read Entire News

Click on icon will close the article.


This is the part of the Bulletin board, where users can vote for specific questions. When a user clicks on the Polls tab the following page will be displayed:

Poll Forum

Clicking on the Poll title opens a certain poll.


Each user may vote only once. If the user has voted, only vote results will be displayed.

Add Vote

Voting may be done by selecting the vote option from the vote options list, and clicking the Vote button:

Add Vote

After that, vote results are displayed, and user cannot vote again on the same Poll.


Questions are a type of discussion where a user can create a question (in the same way as create topic), and other users may add their answers. Each user can submit an answer to a question only once. If a user is satisfied with an answer, he can stop the discussion, and this question becomes inactive (from then on, it is read-only, so there is no possibility for further answers).

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