Creating a New Quote

Once you have found a product through the quick search or navigating Categories (explained below), you have a couple of options, depending on the type of the product.

  1. For simple products, click Add and the message will display at the top of the screen, letting you know that the product has been added to a quote. The message will also contain a clickable quote ID, which will lead you to the quote which contains the product you have just added.
  2. For configurable products, click Configure to open a product in the Configurator. The configuration process is described in the Configuring a Product section.

By default, the Add button next to configurable products is greyed-out and cannot be clicked. However, if your administrator has given you the right to add configurable products that were not configured to a quote, the Add button will be clickable and you can add configurable products to a quote without previous configuration:
If a configurable product default/preselected configuration is complete, and the application parameter Catalog Loading Configurable Products is set to any value other than FAST, a product price and the Add button will be displayed in the Catalog. In this way, it is possible to add several configurable products at once in the quote.

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