Navigating Categories

Categories and sub-categories can be thought of as the major divisions of an on-line catalog. Like chapters of a book, categories segment the products into a logical breakdown. An example would be to “categorize” an electronics catalog into video, home audio and car audio. Configuration does not take place at the category level. The category is a pointer to the products that will be configured or added to the quote.
Accessing the categories available can be done in two ways: click the New Quote link at the top of the page or while on the Home page, clicking the New Project/Quotation button. Navigating through the Categories screen is easy, simply clicking the category image (if available) or name to display its contents. Once category is opened, user will see all available products and sub-categories.


Figure A - Breadcrumbs

You can also navigate to previous categories by clicking the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. Breadcrumbs give you a trail of categories you have been to in order to get where you are now. In Figure A, the breadcrumbs display Home, Top Category and Hardware. The last item in the breadcrumb trail will be the current category you are in. The first category in the trail will always be Home. Clicking Home will bring user back to the start where you can view all the categories.
Another way for navigating through the Categories is using Catalog Navigation Tree where it is possible to Expand All or Collapse All categories.


Figure B - Catalog Navigation Tree

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