Granting Login Access

If you need help resolving a configuration issue, you can allow an administrator or a CallidusCloud support representative to log into your account, without you having to share your password.

Granting Login Access to Administrator

To grant login access to the administrator, take the following steps:

  1. Below your name in the top-right corner, access User Page.
  2. On the User details tab, enable the Grant Access to your Company Admin toggle switch.
    A date field displays.
  3. Set an expiration date to limit the login access.
    You can either manually input the date or click the calendar icon to select the date. Account access will be revoked after the specified date. To manually revoke account access, you need to disable the Grant Access to your Company Admin switch and save your changes.
  4. Click Save.
    The page reloads.

After the 1902 release, any existing open grants currently set to an indefinite period of time will automatically become limited to two weeks. Furthermore, if users defined an expiration date for the access grant, and then revoked it before the 1902 release, the next time they open a grant following the 1902 release, the last expiration date used will be preselected.

Once you grant access, the administrator can log into your account to help you resolve any issues. You can continue using your account without interruption when the administrator is logged in on your behalf.

When an administrator logs in as a proxy user, the login is logged in the User Action Audit Trail (where both the admin and the proxy user are named). After the login, all subsequent actions of the administrator are logged in the User Action Audit Trail under the name of the proxy user.
Furthermore, when a support representative logs in as a proxy user, there is a record of the login in the event log of the default domain.

Granting Login Access to Support

Granting login access to a support representative is done in the same way as granting access to the administrator, the only difference being that you need to enable the Grant Access to CallidusCloud Support toggle switch.

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