Quote Collaboration/Comments

The Collaboration/Comments feature allows users to add comments to quotes. When on a quote, click the Collaboration/Comments icon in the top-right side of the screen cpq_1905_collaboration_comments_icon.jpg and a dialog window displays.

When you type something here and click Send, a general comment is posted. This comment concerns the entire quote. However, if you wish to comment on an individual item on the quote, you need to click the cpq-1905_elipsis_icon_quote.jpg icon next to the item you wish to comment on, and click Collaboration when the dropdown displays. This triggers the Collaboration/Comments window with the reference to the item in question preceeded with a # symbol.

The number of unread comments is displayed in round brackets in the Collaboration/Comments dialog window

After a user comments on a quote, other users can reply. Each comment contains the name and the username of the user who made the comment, the date and the time when the comment was made.

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