Cart and Item Actions

Cart actions are displayed above and below the Main Cart Area. These actions, displayed as buttons, allow performing operations such as Place Order, Calculate (refresh price), Save Quote, Submit for Approval, Generate Quote, etc.
Availability of these actions depends of the current Status of action. For instance, if the quote has been submitted for approval and the current status is Waiting for Approval, only limited number of actions are available for user. Actions such as Place Order, Generate Quote, or Reconfigure might be removed.

Item Actions are available for each product as well. These actions are also dependent on the current Status. These actions allow user to Copy, Delete, Edit, Refresh, or View each product added to the cart.

Copy Cart Action

User can copy the cart while in the process of editing the cart, and not only from load quote page. Like any other action, copy quote can be called by clicking Copy. After copy is executed the user will be automatically redirected to the newly copied cart.

Figure A - Copy

There is one important limitation on this action. If the quote is in approval process quote should not be copied. Copy action would create a new quote with status “Open” but no other action can be performed on this new quote. In this situation, user can't perform any approval action while quote is in “Waiting for approval” status. Allowing user to change status of the quote by selecting “Change status” action on load quote page could result in quote being in invalid state.

Make sure that your WorkFlow model does not allow action “Copy” if quote is in approval process to avoid any quote resulitng in an Invalid State

View Revisions

Revisions can be viewed from the cart by clicking View next to the Revision number.

Figure B - View Revisions

Change Status

The user can change the status while editing the cart like on the load quote page. In the top right corner of the page there is a drop down list with available statuses for that cart. By selecting one of the available statuses cart status will be changed.

Figure C - Change Status

Reordering items in the cart

In Classic Design, you can reorder items in the cart by clicking the arrows as shown in the image below.

Figure D - Reordering

This is controlled by the application parameter Allow Reordering Items in a Cart. This application parameter has three available values: Do not allow product sorting, Allow product sorting and Only allow main item sorting. If product sorting is allowed user will be able to reorder main and line items. On the other hand, if main item sorting is allowed, user will only be able to reorder main items.

In Responsive Design, you can reorder main and line items in three ways.

  • To reorder by drag and drop, place mouse cursor at the very beginning of the row. Standard cursor will be replaced with move cursor. (See figure E)

Figure E - Drag and drop

  • To reorder by typing order, click on button manage items (), then type the desired order numbers into order boxes for items you want and click on reorder items button. (See figure F). Typed order will be applied.

Figure F - Reorder numbers

  • The third way for reorder is by clicking on arrows (similar to Classic Design). (See figure G)

Figure G - Reorder arrows

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