Shopping Cart/Quote

In CPQ, configured products are added to the Shopping Cart or Quote. On this page for users are available some product’s information, price, discount, or commission values. Additionally, here it is possible to modify the quantity, price, and discount along with other factors.

Keep in mind through that some of these options may be unavailable due to the way administration has set the system up.

The shopping cart can be divided into three sections: Tabs, Actions, and Main Cart Area. The Tabs are displayed at the top of the page and allow users to add additional information for the cart, such as the customer information and custom information specific for given system. For more information on Tabs see Quote Tabs and Fields.

The Actions area is displayed above and below the Main Cart Area. For more information on actions see Cart and Item Actions.
In addition, line above the actions contains different information about cart: quote number, date created and modified, the revision number and the current status of the quote.

The top half of the Main Cart Area displays the products added to the shopping cart. Each is displayed with an item number, quantity, part number, description, discounts, pricing, and the product type. They may also include additional items underneath the main item called Line Items. Line Items include the same information as the product itself. Each product also has a list of item actions in a drop down box under the Actions column.

Comments can be made on any product added to the cart and the entire cart itself. There is a field located next to the product description for product comments and a field located in the center of the Main Cart Area for cart comments. Comments written here can be passed along, when the order is placed or when a quote is generated.

The second half of the Main Cart Area contains the summary pricing and discount information. Under the cart comment box can be seen the summary pricing for each product type. This section can be shown or displayed by clicking the appropriate button. The total pricing for each column of pricing values is displayed below this. User can also select the Freight costs. At the bottom of this section user can change the market for specific quote.

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